How to start working with Qwintry

Start working with clients all over the world. In three simple steps.


Send request to Qwintry Logistics

You will get a personal account with Qwintry.

Please tell us about yourself and your goals: what do you sell, where are your clients based, how many orders a month are you planning to send.

This way we can understand your business better and suggest an optimal solution, tailored to your needs.

Just make a request and we will contact you to discuss partnership opportunities, prices and integration.


Connect through Qwintry Logistics API

Our IT-professionals will explain how to connect your online-store or mail-forwarding service to Qwintry Logistics.

Once you’re connected we’ll automatically receive all the information about the orders that need to be shipped.

If you don’t have many orders yet, you can save time on intergration and start working straight after signing up. You’ll just need to place your delivery requests manually.

API documentation and examples
API Docs


Ship orders with Qwintry Logistics

To send your orders abroad you just need to deliver them to the Qwintry Logistics Hub.

We’ll offer you the best ways of doing that.

After that you and your clients will be able to track orders using Qwintry Logistics Tracking System.

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