Why Qwintry?

We won’t talk about our company’s history, because there are companies with longer histories. We won’t mention our achievements, because our customer’s reviews can do it better. Instead, we’ll tell you about our approach to business. Because it is our main advantage.


We don’t just offer you logistics and warehouse services.

We understand how important it is to expand your business into new markets.

We’ve been in international delivery business for 6 years and know that high quality customer service brings back clients.

We do everything in our power to ensure the most positive experience.

98,5% of our clients gave us 5 stars.


Carders and fraud schemes are a great danger to online trade, especially international online trade.

Almost every seller has faced this problem and has lost money because of fraud.

We have developed our own anti-fraud service that is very similiar to the ones used by banks and payment systems.

We take great care of legal aspects and only work with the most respectable shops and disctributors.

Our employees hold IATA certificates and know everything about air shipping security.

Every day our Anticarder.com service blocks carders and protects our partners from online fraud risks.


We are a logistics company, but we’re also an IT company.

We have vast experience in developing and implementing IT-solutions for international shipping.

Our warehouse is a modern and a well-managed one.

Each of our partners has access to our unique IT-solutions. With our help, you’ll always be ahead of competition.


Over the last 6 years we’ve shipped hundreds of thousands of packages - from expensive gadgets to musical instruments.

That’s why our employees know how to ensure reliable packaging.

Reliability is one of the main principles of our work. We offer a reimbursement plan (Qwintry Protection Plan) if there’s a problem with your package.

Having shipped hundreds of thousands of orders we have perfected secure packaging. And now we set the standards.



TSA Approved Known Shipper