Solutions for mailforwarding

We have come up with an effective solutions for mail forwardes and personal shopper services.

What we offer

Qwintry has been offering mailforwarding services to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide for over 14 years now.

During this time we’ve learned to process thousands of orders daily and manage to develop the most durable packaging.

We created a unique warehouse automization system, that eliminates mistakes while processing large amounts of data.

Develop the most durable packaging.

Today Qwintry’s technologies
are available to you.

Because we have a cloud version of our warehouse management system, any mailforwarder can use our inventions and technologies without any investments.

What you get

We have developed advanced warehouse solutions that allow us to prosess large numbers of orders really fast.

High quality service and packaging

We use the best packaging technologies

TPL tape protects the box and makes unauthorised access to its contents rather difficult

Security tape warns perpetrators
not to open the box

Durable cardboard is capable of supporting heavy weights

A plastic bag provides additional protection
from dust and moisture damage

Plastic air cushions used for Damage protection and void filling ensure your product's safety

Our clients’ reviews speak highly
of our service and it’s advantages.

you have
access to it.

Economy and income growth

Because you outsourse warehouse processes you get rid of warehouse expenditures and salaries for warehouse staff and management. You income grows, your expenditures go down.

Control over the warehouse processes

You can control the warehouse operations online from anywhere in world.

White Label and intergation with Qwintry Fulfillment

The integration with our service will not require much change. Your clients will still be able to manage orders with their personal accounts.

The data is transferred from the accounts to Qwintry Fulfillment’s warehouse through Qwintry API.

The clients don’t have to notice you inplementing changes. The only thing they will notice is the quality of your service and the speed of your delivery improving.

White label allows to brand the parcels with your logo and even put your service’s name on the postal labels.


Carders and fraud schemes are a great danger to mailforwarders. We are all aware of the damage they can cause to business.

Due to the special development Qwintry - service , this problem has now been solved.


More than 95% of the carders blocks automatically.

Our own delivery method and our greatest pride. An express delivery service that offers the best value for money.

The cost per kg is lower than that of USPS, but the speed and the security level are much higher.

Perfect for the clients who wish to send small but expensive goods.

An economy delivery method developed in partnership with Russian Post. Not the fastest method, but a great option for those shipping heavy goods.

Very popular among the clients who prefer a lower delivery price and don’t mind waiting.

It delivers only in Russia.

International courier and postal delivery operated by USPS.

Qwintry Fulfillment is a strategic partner of USPS.

It means that even if you do have a corporate plan with USPS we might still be able to offer better delivery terms.

How to sign up

Just make a request and we will contact you to discuss partnership opportunities, prices and integration.



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