Destination: Санкт-Петербург / Delivery type: pickup

Current status

delivered / Вручен

As a result of the Coronavirus situation, a lot of international flights were suspended for an uncertain period of time. It may impact our normal delivery time. However, our logistics operations are working and every single order will be delivered to the recipient.

Please, understand that we are operating in emergency conditions and be patient. We will continue to respond constructively to the needs of our customers and employees and will continue to enhance our processes as the situation develops, in accordance with guidelines from global and local authorities.

You can track your package after its US departure - via our local carrier website, tracking number: 1237210752 CDEK

Tracking log

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Create TimeStatusMessage
04.03.2021 18:13:42info_receivedElectronic info received
06.03.2021 07:00:14arrival_scanShipment arrived to consolidation hub
08.03.2021 14:20:37departure_scanDeparture scan: consolidation hub
08.03.2021 18:46:59arrival_scanArrival scan: JFK airport
09.03.2021 19:09:59departure_scanDeparture scan: JFK airport
10.03.2021 11:15:34arrival_scanArrival scan: SVO airport
10.03.2021 15:42:00customsПрибыло на таможню.
11.03.2021 07:55:44customsВыпущено таможней
12.03.2021 20:30:00customsПокинуло таможню.
13.03.2021 07:52:58infoПередан локальному перевозчику
13.03.2021 07:52:59notification_sentDelivery notification sent to recipient
13.03.2021 07:52:59infoПередан локальному перевозчику
13.03.2021 21:46:47arrival_scanПринято на склад службы-перевозчика в Москве
13.03.2021 21:46:52infoПередано в региональное подразделение перевозчика
14.03.2021 14:10:59infoВозвращен на склад отправителя
14.03.2021 14:11:07infoПередано в региональное подразделение перевозчика
14.03.2021 16:05:11infoОтправлено в город-получатель
15.03.2021 02:45:22arrival_scanПринят на склад транзита
15.03.2021 02:57:17infoВыдан на отправку в городе-транзите
15.03.2021 06:36:29infoСдан перевозчику в городе-транзите
15.03.2021 06:36:53departure_scanОтправлен в город-получатель
16.03.2021 07:38:30infoПринят на склад до востребования
16.03.2021 07:38:35infoПринят на склад до востребования
16.03.2021 08:52:13deliveredВручен
Delivery time: 11.6 days