Destination: Москва / Delivery type: courier

Current status

delivered / Вручен

You can track your package after its US departure - via our local carrier website: Cdek

Tracking log

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Create TimeStatusMessage
12.12.2016 21:19:04info_receivedElectronic info received
14.12.2016 04:02:23arrival_scanShipment arrived to consolidation hub
14.12.2016 13:21:18departure_scanDeparture scan: consolidation hub
15.12.2016 17:50:10arrival_scanArrival scan: JFK airport
15.12.2016 22:55:13departure_scanDeparture scan: JFK airport
16.12.2016 11:27:42arrival_scanArrival scan: SVO airport
18.12.2016 12:27:00notification_sentDelivery notification sent to recipient
18.12.2016 12:31:45infoСоздан
18.12.2016 20:01:59departure_scanDeparture scan: SVO airport
18.12.2016 22:28:59arrival_scanПринят на склад доставки
19.12.2016 05:08:29deliveryВыдан на доставку
19.12.2016 06:46:54deliveredВручен
Delivery time: 6.4 days